Consultation concerning how to start you genealogy research in Russia, Ukraine, Belarusia is free of charge. Send us your question, and we’ll answer as soon as possible.

We also can help you to write and translate letters in Russian and send them all over the territory of Russia, Ukraine, Belarussia and other Russian-speaking countries. Translation and sending of one letter from Russia will cost you $20 or ?15.

Please, contact us if you want to find your Russian roots and have no opportunity to do it yourself. To start a research we need an initial information about your ancestors:

*their full Russian names, dates of living (you can send us a GEDCOM file or simply a scheme of your genealogy tree);

*where they lived (village, town, district (uyezd) , region (province, oblast));

*when they left Russia;

*their social status – peasants, workers, petty bourgeois, nobles;

*their education;

*other information describing facts of life of your ancestors.

We shall analize this information and suggest you a plan of research and draft cost. It may be from $100 to $1000.

All found information will be supplied with translated into English copies of archive documents.

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  1. Juha Nevalainen says:


    I am looking for Valdemar Nevalainen, born 4 September 1912 in Ро?пша / Rop?a (Ropsu) or perhaps Krasnoje Selo. His family belonged to Lutheran church. Would you have Church records of his parents that you could send to me?

    Thank you

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