Today, many of us try to understand the past of their ancestors, to feel the connection of generations and ages. Someone more concerned with issues of blood relations – belonging to a particular ethnic or kinship with someone of the famous people. And someone grasp the realities of life in which their grandparents lived – for example, why the grandmother, who was born in St. Petersburg, received an excellent education, suddenly found herself somewhere in a village near Stavropol and remained there for life, or how it happened, that the grandfather, an illiterate peasant of Vologda region, came to Moscow and became a major structural engineer.

Many reasons to start your search of information about the life and fate of relatives give the facts of repression or participation in wars. For example, we searched for information about the grandfather of one of our customers, a veteran of World War II, and found that before the war he was married, but not to the customer’s grandmother. He never told about this woman. Where she was, if they had children, we have yet to learn. How the second marriage was possible, if the grandfather was already married? It turns out that he was wounded, and in the documents of the Military Archives there is information about his death. So, the first wife received a death notice, and after the war was not looking for her husband, and he seemed to have kept silent about his first marriage.

These are the surprises that our genealogical researches bring out sometimes.

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