How many generations may be in a genealogy tree of  European, American or Russian family? 10, 15, 20? I think the maximum is 20, because the documents containing genealogy information may be dated not earlier than the 17th century. That is the time when the first state revisions were conducted. There aim was to fix the quantity of  tax payers and reservists.  If they were not, we would never know about our ancestors anything. Surely there was a tradition ‘to know your ancestors to the 7th generation’, but the names of ancestors were forgotten over time. And today very rare families know their history more than the 19th century.

In Japan the situation is quite different. For Japanese it is a tradition to conduct their genealogy for centuries and even for thousands years. Every family carefully keeps records about their family events. They are written on special handmade paper (mino vasi)  by special ink and put in special wooden box. The box is also hand made and sealed, it is put into a safe place out of reach of sun, water and fire. In such way the genealogy books can be stored for a thousand years or more. Surely today the Japanese have an opportunity to compose their genealogy by means of computer, but the ancient tradition is more claimed. Lets take an example from the Japanese!

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