Центральный государственный исторический архив Санкт-Петербурга (ЦГИА СПб)

Tsentral’nyi gosudarstvennyi istoricheskii arkhiv Sankt-Peterburga (TsGIA SPb)

Postal аddress:

ul. Pskovskaia, 18

190121, St. Petersburg

Tel: (812) 495-29-61

Fax: (812) 495-29-61

E-mail: cgia@mail.wplus.net

http://spb.rusarchives.ru/Central_Sta…;  http://www.rusarchives.ru/state/cgiaspb/

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2 Responses to “Central State Historical Archive of St. Petersburg”

  1. Greta says:


    I don’t know if you can understand me, but if you can I am looking for some history about where my relatives came from. There passenger records indicate they came from Russia. They may have also been German. The family came to the US in 1890 and 1894. Freidrich and Reinhold Rodtz came in 1890 aboard the Augusta Victoria. The rest of the family came in 1894. They were Friedrich, Rosalie, Robert, Emil, Bertha and Olga. Do you have any information about them. Some records indicate they came from a town called Taralmow or Tarulino.

    Any help you can give me is greatly appreciated. Thank you.

    Greta Gibb

  2. Dr Graham Griffiths says:

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    I am a lecturer in musicology at City University London and am interested in tracing information about the life of the Russian composer/pianist Leokadiya Aleksandrovna Kashperova (1872-1940). She was a pupil of the great Anton Rubinstein at St Petersburg Conservatoire and she is known to have been the piano teacher of Igor Stravinsky for two crucial years from 1899. But what happened to her following this? She died in 1940. Was that during the Siege of Leningrad? Where is she buried? Are there any surviving descendants of Kashperova alive today? And how did she work and live from 1900-1940? I am making a study-visit to St Petersburg in April and would be very grateful indeed for any information about her. I include an appreciation of Kashperova in my book ‘Stravinsky’s Piano’ (Cambridge University Press, 2013) and greatly admire the few compositions of hers that I have managed to trace. Do you have any relevant information at the Archive? Or could you suggest where else I might try? i would follow up your advice in April when I visit the Conservatoire. Please write soon. Many thanks indeed for your help and advice. Bolshoya spassiba, Graham Griffiths, DPhil (Oxford, 2008)

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