Филиал Российского государственного архива научно-технической документации (РГАНТД) в г. Самаре

Postal address:

Michurina str., 58

Samara, 443096


Tel/fax: +7(846) 336-17-85


E-mail: kanc@rgantd-samara.ru, kanc-rgantd@mail.ru

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One Response to “Samara Branch of the Russian State Archive of Scientific and Technical Documentation”

  1. radek says:

    Dear sirs,
    I´ve been searching for my ancestors who once lived and worked in your country. My grandma´s name was Gabriela Suranova and she spent her first 12 years with her parents Jaroslav Suran and Antonie Suran in Samara. That was in between 1904 – 1917. After the Bolshevick revolution her father Jaroslav got killed by the Cossack people. Her mother Antonie was forced to leave Samara quickly leaving everything behind. She returned back to her birth town Praha.

    Some more details to :

    Jaroslav Suran a Czech engineer working on an aquduct and the sewage pipeline in the city of Samara in between 1904 – 1917

    Antonie Suranova – a mother of my grandmather – my grand grand mother – probably spending most of her time at trhe household

    I´ll appreciate your help

    Many thanks

    Best Regards

    Radek Jerabek

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