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One Response to “Russian State Archive of Literature and Art”

  1. ROYOUX Jean-Christophe says:

    Dear Staff,

    I am a french art historian working on a book on Exhibition Design in the twenties, in Russia and Germany. I would be very greatful if you could help me to find original material, images and texts on the following items :

    - « Demonstrationr?ume » or Exhibition Design works by Gustav Klucis
    - S.Y Senkin, Exhibition Design work.

    - Gustav Klutsis and Dimitry Vladiimirovitch Gorlov, Images of the First All-Russian Agriculture and handicrafts Exhibition in Moscow, 1923.
    - Alexander Exter, Images of the First All-Russian Exhibition of Agriculture, Handicrafts and Industry in Moscow, on August 19, 1923.
    - Alexander Exter, images of the Soviet pavilions at the XIV Venice Biennale (1924).
    -Images of the National Exhibition of Polygraphy, 1927.
    - Georgy Krutikov (collaborator of The Soviet Pavilion at the Pressa exhibition in Cologne, 1928)
    - Images of El Lissitzky for :
    the International Fur Trade Exhibition in Leipzig, 1931.
    the International Hygiene Exhibition in Dresden in 1930.

    -Images of the « Proletarisch Bauausstellung » in Berlin 1931.

    I would be also very pleased if you could help me to get informations about the russian origin of the german word « Demonstrationr?ume » specially used by El Lissitzky.

    Hoping to get in touch with you very soon,
    Many thanks in advance,

    Jean-Christophe Royoux.

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