Have you ever been in Siberia? No? It’s surely worth seeing!
Some days ago a group of genealogists finished a wonderful trip to the Russian backwoods.They visited such cities and towns as Novosibirsk, Omsk, Tyumen, Ishim and other. The aim of this journey was collection of information about the family of one of our clients. Our researches interviewed many members of the client’s family, made photos of the places of residence, visited some regional archives. The collected material will be a foundation of the following genealogical research.
Some may ask why this business trip was wonderful? Certainly it was. If you live in such city as Moscow, you have already forget about ‘the soviet service’. In Siberia it’s not an exotic. During this journey we fell into now in the seventies, now in nineties, now in the present. For example, some Siberian hotels we couldn’t name good; we had to pay too much for old furniture in rooms, bad breakfast, and awful service. But other hotels had a really high level of accommodation. And, certainly we’ve seen how people live in Russia today, not the Muscovites, but all the other Russians…

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  1. Irina says:

    I’m going to visit Omsk. Which hotel you can recommend me? Thank you.

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